Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travels Through Avalon

Hey Wizards! 
Long time, no see! Just checking in for the first time in almost two month, and its one of the first times I've gotten to relax in quite sometime. So much evil around the spiral. Now I get to just relax and check into the SWW (Spiral Wide Web). Well there are lots of things to discuss so lets get down to it. First I was to share my accomplishments now from my goals back in February.
1. Craft the Watchtower Hall 
       I haven't gotten this done yet, but its definitely in the process
2. Become a Grandmaster Artisan 
       Yes! I've succeeded at this!
3. Legendary Artisan
       Not yet.
4. Complete Zafaria
5. Complete Wintertusk
6. Have no quests left in book.
      No, especially with the addition of Avalon.
7. Become a transcended Thaumaturge
Last time we talked I was just getting into Avalon, and had just bought a new house to fill space with. Now I have completed the decorating (I do believe anyway) and finished Avalon, and I have some lovely pictures to share with you. 

I don't know how often I'll post here, but you can bet that I will when Ambrose finds another world in the Spiral that we'll need to save. I'm so happy to say hello, and have a few minutes to relax before my next class starts.

Have a lovely day!
Elizabeth Sparklebreeze,
Knight of the Silver Rose

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