Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travels Through Avalon

Hey Wizards! 
Long time, no see! Just checking in for the first time in almost two month, and its one of the first times I've gotten to relax in quite sometime. So much evil around the spiral. Now I get to just relax and check into the SWW (Spiral Wide Web). Well there are lots of things to discuss so lets get down to it. First I was to share my accomplishments now from my goals back in February.
1. Craft the Watchtower Hall 
       I haven't gotten this done yet, but its definitely in the process
2. Become a Grandmaster Artisan 
       Yes! I've succeeded at this!
3. Legendary Artisan
       Not yet.
4. Complete Zafaria
5. Complete Wintertusk
6. Have no quests left in book.
      No, especially with the addition of Avalon.
7. Become a transcended Thaumaturge
Last time we talked I was just getting into Avalon, and had just bought a new house to fill space with. Now I have completed the decorating (I do believe anyway) and finished Avalon, and I have some lovely pictures to share with you. 

I don't know how often I'll post here, but you can bet that I will when Ambrose finds another world in the Spiral that we'll need to save. I'm so happy to say hello, and have a few minutes to relax before my next class starts.

Have a lovely day!
Elizabeth Sparklebreeze,
Knight of the Silver Rose

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Hey wizards! 
Summer is finally here, and summer means trying new things right?!
Well I decided to do something, that has sort of saddened me, but you know I think it's a good thing now.
I had owned a little summer home (wooded cottage) since housing came out.... a long time ago.
Due to my overflow of stuff, I need more room to put things, and so I decided to sell the old cottage in the country, and bought an urban home (Royal Estate). I will be moving in this summer, (its only a summer home of course) and hopefully my watchtower hall in the fall (its still in the process of being crafted). I still have my Ice house of course, and probably always will, but it was time for something new. Out with the old, in with the new.
Have a lovely day!
Liz Sparklebreeze

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey World Lizzy here!
I can't believe I havent posted about Avalon yet! Thats crazy!
So as I mentioned on my last post, I got to take a break from Ravenwood classes. Not going to lie, that was pretty nice. I could wake up in the morning, go to whatever world in the spiral I wanted to go to, and not have to worry about being late for a class with Professor Greyrose. Ahhh so nice.
That said, I am glad to be back working on my school work. Nothing seems right when there isn't a pressure to get something done. So after my little break, Professor called me into his office, where Morganthe was pestering Gamma! oh my. she's not very nice. So Professor sent me to Avalon to work on this. And may I say the Froudlings are driving me nuts. Why can't they be nice little guys. goodness. The music there is FANTASTIC Tense theme anyone? beautiful. I really want to know who composed this music, because as a musician myself, I HIGHLY appreciate it. I'm adoring it here. I am only as far as the Wild so its not like crazy far, but its nice.
just checking in!
see ya guys,
Elizabeth Sparklebreeze

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Feel Like I'm on Summer Vacation...

... but not really. 

Since I have basically finished everything that I've needed to, I feel the thing I have never felt before. I don't feel obligated to do, well, anything!  I have never reached the level cap before the release of a new world before, so it is completely new to me. I've been taking care of my garden so I can get those precious reagents but other than that, I haven't had much to do. It's kind of relaxing to leave the Ice House to run errands without having to go to class or do an assignment. 
But back on Earth, I'M SWAMPED.  My 2 AP classes never let up on their work load, and then adding pre-calculus and French III back into the mix makes EVERYTHING more complicated. The best stress relieving/triggering class would have to be my ceramics class where my Luna Lovegood Coffee mug is coming along nicely :)

Music I've been listening to:
Pandora Stations:
Passion Pit (GREAT STATION if you like that sort of music)
Panic! at the Disco 

Things on Spotify:
Neon Trees
Kelly Clarkson
Foster the People

Well see ya guys! I'm gonna go ride mopeds around with a best friend back on Earth. Later!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My insane 5 day weekend!

So this past weekend I had a FIVE day weekend, and I can't believe how productive I was!
This past Tuesday night I completed Zafaria which I believe was the fastest world I have ever completed next to WC. Just had to get that out there.
Even though I had completed all of the main story line worlds that didn't mean I had done it all. Far from it actually.

I had failed to complete Wintertusk, and this became my new goal after completing Zafaria. I wasn't very far in only in Austriland. This weekend I completed Austriland, Vestriland, Sudriland, and Nordriland. That is nuts (for me anyway :D) But yesterday, my last day off, I went through Nastrond (the final instance in Wintertusk) and beat it.

I collected enough reagents to craft a water fountain, water tower, and grassy mound bringing my running total for crafting my watchtower hall to:
  • 30/30 stacks of wood planks
  • 8/10 blizzard treasure card (I've crafted these)
  • 1/4 wooden water towers
  • 2/8 grassy monds
  • 1/2 water fountains
  • 20/20 ghostfire
  • 0/4 Carved stone towers
  • 0/15 ornamental stepping stones
I just need a ton of Ore, Nightshade, Deep Mushrooms, Scrap Iron, and Diamonds that I don't have.

I actually farmed General Akilles, by just pounding him with blizzard and after TWO hours he finally dropped what I wanted. The Blue Ghost pet. Not that it is a great one, but because I like the pets you can get from bosses. Plus I got two of the cyclops statues, and no one can be upset about that! :)

I got my Wyvern pet! :D

I went to Ian Stormstaff's 3rd Wizardversary party.

The thing is. It isn't that I was in conflicted worlds in the spiral all day everyday. I really wasn't. I spent most of the weekend at my dads who doesn't have a spiral door, and therefore could not jump into questing. One day I even left the state!

Indirectly related to Wizard101, I kind of found a few bands that I've discovered I enjoy. Fun., Florence + the Machine, and Mumford & Sons, then rediscovered Train and Foster the People. 
Just so you know this is related to Wizard101 due to the fact that I listen to all different sorts of music while playing. If you are old enough to listen to these bands, I suggest doing so. Some of these songs have lyrics that have swear words, so make sure it is okay with your parents first.

I don't know how it worked out, it just did.
Have a lovely day, 
Lizzy the Wizzy

Emma's Story Pt 3

Someone jumps on top of me. "WAKE UP! YOU'VE GOT A BIG BIG DAY!" Elizabeth yells.
"You're going to wake up all of Ravenwood." I say.
"Well miss sleepy head, I don't have to worry about that because everyone else here is already up."
"Ugh..." I roll over underneath the red blanket.
"COME ON! I'll treat you to both breakfast at my favorite restaurant in the commons and an outfit from the shopping district," she says as she pulls the blanket off of me.
"How are you getting so much money?"
"Pshhh, I've lived here a while and I've done a lot for people, I get by."

So once I'm dressed we set off, and already my mind is blown at how many people we see as we make our way. After breakfast and shopping, Liz and I part ways, and I have to make my way to my balance class that takes place outside and my myth class. I was then sent to help out in three streets Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane. 

I made a couple friends throughout the day, but no one really clicked. Yet when I started in Colossus Blvd the next day I met the coolest person ever. Her name was Alexis Dreamsong and she was an Initiate Pyromancer. She and I dominated the Gobblers and Evil Snowmen and even tackled Sunken City together. We became the best of friends.

Both of us were even sent to Krokotopia on the same day after classes. It was so exciting. I can't believe that I made it so far. After the long dreary day trying to work things out in the Royal Hall, I was so relieved when I reached my dorm room. I passed out as soon as I reached the bed.

"Emma! Emma! Wake up!" Liz shakes me awake.
I look out the windows of my dorm. It is still dark outside. "Elizabeth! What are you doing in here? 1. I thought I locked my door, and 2. Its the middle of the night."
"Never mind that, all of Wizard City is awake. Something happened with Bartleby."
This grabs my attention. "Bartleby? You mean the tree?"
"The tree that helped create the spiral, resides in Ravenwood, and is one of the reasons that all of this is possible yes!" 
I jumped up, threw on a robe, and we left. As soon as we stepped out of my dorm, it was hard to move. So many people were standing outside staring up at Bartleby as the Wizard City guards and the professors were trying to do what they could for Bartleby.

As Elizabeth and I got into Headmaster Ambrose's office, we knew he was incredibly freaked out. He was pacing and knocking over his stacks of books, which we all know is weird for him, since he usually just stands around. 
"Headmaster are you okay?" Liz precedes to say.
"Sir?" I say.
"What exactly happened?"
Headmaster Ambrose finally looks to us, a look of terror on his face. "Emma, Elizabeth, something terrible has happened. Malistaire came here tonight and took one of Bartleby's eyes."
"Sir I don't see what is so terrible about that, aren't they normal eyes?"
"Normal eyes?! Why no! One sees the future and one sees the past. Not only that but Malistaire came here!!! We have students here that we must keep safe! He is not welcome here, yet he returned again! Malistaire is a very powerful wizard that could hurt or kill our precious students! This must not happen again!" 
Elizabeth gave me a look that said "How could you not know that? Don't you pay attention?"
"I see, professor." I said and hung my head in shame. 
"You two should make your way back to bed, and tell the rest of the student body that they should to, classes will resume as usual tomorrow morning." Headmaster said as he yawned. "Oh and Elizabeth, could you please stay with your sister in the dorms tonight? I don't think it would be wise for anyone to use the spiral door while it is dark out tonight."
"Of course," Liz said.

We walked across the commons to Ravenwood, and Liz used her wand to broadcast her voice to all of the area, "ATTENTION ALL WIZARDS, WE MUST NOT PANIC. HEADMASTER AMBROSE WILL HAVE THINGS TAKEN CARE OF, AND HE HAS ORDERED US ALL BACK TO BED. CLASSES WILL RESUME AS NORMAL TOMORROW."

Into the dorm, we went. Liz pulled out her mattress thing, and made herself comfortable. "I hope things are going to be okay."
"Me too."
"You know what I think?"
"I think you've gotten a lot braver since coming here. Just saying."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lizzy's Goals for the year

So I was going to do this on new year's eve but turned out I was quite busy.
These are/were my goals for this year:

  1. Craft the Watchtower Hall that I have wanted to since I first saw it.
  2. Become a grandmaster and later legendary crafter
  3. Become a Transcended Thaumaturge (DONE)
  4. Complete Zafaria (DONE)
  5. Complete Wintertusk
  6. Have absolutely no quests left in my book.
Well there you have it :)